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WARNING: I wrote this when I was in high school, so it's probably grossly out of date.  I'll update it when I don't feel lazy.   Nevertheless, here it is:

My computer interest all began when I was about 5 years old. We had a brand new Macintosh 128K Computer that I loved watching my dad use. I used to sneak up to the computer and fool around with it. At times, I'd even start playing some games. At school, we used Apple ][e's and I took up BASIC programming in first grade, showing off my BASIC knowledge. Soon, the Macintosh 128K was upgraded to a 512K (whoopee!). In fifth and sixth grades, I joined the TAG/TLC program in Hoffman School in Glenview. That was where my interest in computers was elevated. They used the new Apple][gs's and I had fun playing Oregon Trail all day long...The TAG/TLC program was mainly when I developed my fast typing skill - I reached my record of 136 WPM in sixth grade on the CommuniKeys typing program. By then, I had become a serious programmer in BASIC, and started my first full blown program, called "The Computation Game." By now, I have developed versions of this game on the Mac in C, Pascal, and BASIC; as well as on the PC in QBASIC and Borland C++ in DOS and WINDOWS; and in GNU C on a UNIX SunSparc - X11 Windows system. 

When I was 10 or 11, I had always thought that Macs were the best computers in the world. I've always thought that Windows was a low level, stupid program. But then, I had my first contact with MS-DOS based PC's. Very soon, I learned DOS and WINDOWS, and began programming. The 486 Gateway System we got was superb - much faster than that old Mac 512K I used to use. 

In the summer before freshman year, I took my first BASIC class - it was a real fun class, especially since it was in the summer. During freshman year, I took Advanced Computer Languages - a very fun class; and finally AP Computers Sophomore year. That was the first time I came in contact with Pascal. Soon, I trashed BASIC, since Pascal was much better. After AP Computers, I took Independent Study - that is, this year. I'm programming C on the Macintosh, and I'm already familiar in the C language since I programmed in Borland C++ on that Gateway System. 

The first time I saw a UNIX system was when I was 13. My dad works at Northwestern, and he told me that everyone in the engineering field uses UNIX. And so, I started experimenting in UNIX, and started programming - the shell is so generic! But fun, and FAST - on a SunSparc 20. Just this past year, since getting a 14400 bps modem, I've been experimenting with the internet - pretty neat networking system. The World Wide Web is awesome, and I've been writing some HTML files myself (I did this one myself)... Just a side anyone familiar with OS/2 :We were sent a copy of OS/2 Warp Version 3 in January (for some reason), so I installed it on that 486. Pretty neat, but SLOWWWWW operating system. In addition, I started my own BBS called the GENIUS BBS with the help of Overlord VI (Sapan Desai 

During the summer of 1997 and 1998, I was a summer intern for the Cellular infrastructure group of Motorola. I found out that everyone uses UNIX there, and I started learning all these programming languages...especially Perl and Tk.  Working there was so awesome because I learned so much and I was getting paid!   During the summer of 1998, I learned C++ and Motif programming for X11.  I am truly fascinated with GUI programming, so my next goal is to learn Java and incorporate onto this web site.  The scariest part of the internship was the presentation I had to do.  That's when I learned how to use Microsoft PowerPoint and make all those little cute animations and stuff.

In college, during my Freshman year, I suddenly had a fast Ethernet connection.  The first time I used it -- downloading netscape -- I was getting 200K per second!  I was truly amazed.  During the fall quarter of my Freshman year, I had a Compaq Presario 200MHz Pentium, non MMX.  The one big problem was the modem.  It could not be used with Windows NT, nor Linux.  So I pulled out that modem and installed a REAL one (a USR 33.6).  I loved fooling around with operating systems at the time, and at one point, I was quad-booting with Windows 95, Windows NT, Linux, and OS/2.  I never used OS/2 except for its nice FDISK utility, so I eventually deleted it.  I set up a web server and an FTP server on my computer with Microsoft Internet Information Server 4.0.  The two coolest programs I've seen are Winamp and ICQ.  Just about everyone I know (who's at Northwestern and has a computer) has ICQ.  It's such a convenient tool to have.  Soon, I was outgrowing the Compaq in terms of RAM and hard drive space (I am really a hard drive space hogger), and I got a new Dell Dimension 233 PII.  This computer came with a sweet video card (at the time), an STB Velocity 128.

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Websites I maintain:
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