My Family

The best family I could possibly have, we love to go on roadtrips all over the country during winter and summer breaks.  Take a look at our vacation photos in the family photo album!


Name ICQ Number
Meg Lee 43074172
Mike Lee 26604136

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Cheng-Yen Mike Lee, "Firebird"
He's 13 years old, a computer graphics expert and a pretty darn good web site designer.   Check out his E-Zine -- Atomic Sunrise Productions, his homepage Firebird's Nest, and his ThinkQuest Project on Asian Culture!

Meg Lee, "Sparkle"

She's my only sister, 10 years old, very much into art and music.  She plays cello and piano.

Mack Lee, "Baby Mack with bluppy cheeks"

The newest member of the Lee Family, 3 years old, such a cute little fella, loves to talk gibberish!