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Professor Quotes: Fall 2001

S. Har-Peled
R. Campbell
K. Nahrstedt
S. Lumetta
Professor Har-Peled - CS 373 Combinatorial Algorithms
"This algorithm committed suicide" (Har-Peled, 9-6-01)
"If you look at the tree no, I mean the book, well the book used to be a tree..." (Har-Peled, 9-20-01)
"It will be (n log n) time and ehhhh....furthermore, ehhhhh, furthermore, ehhhh, okay, no furthermore" (Har-Peled, 11-13-01)
"Student:What are approximation algorithms? Har-Peled: They're just like any other algorithm!" (Har-Peled, 12-4-01)
Professor Campbell - CS 423 Advanced Operating Systems
"It's a very enjoyable book...scares the hell out of me, but..." (Campbell, 9-21-01)
"They don't have black eye patches, carry bags with balck coats labeled SWAG" (Campbell, 9-21-01)
Klara Nahrstedt - CS 323 Operating Systems
"OS has work to do related to paging four time: a)..." (Nahrstedt, 10-8-01)
"I guess if you want to get a D as an undergraduate, please, please aim for a 35!" (Nahrstedt, 10-12-01)
"The head movement can be very erotic" (Nahrstedt on hard drives [she means erratic], 10-19-01)
"I don't know if you've used Microsoft NetMeeting, it's sad, you only get 5 frames per second, NOT a great experience." (Nahrstedt, 11-2-01)
"I feel like a racquetball that's been hit really well." (Greg on sitting next to the wall, 12-5-01)
"Mooltiple", "Bizybit" (Nahrstedt, everyday)
Professor Lumetta - CS/ECE 338 Networks and Communications for Computers
"When someone grunts Chicago, you could point them South and they could go all the way around the globe and still get to Chicago. They won't like you very much when they get there, but heck, you'll still be in Champaign." (Lumetta, 10-25-01)
"How many say yes? How many say no? It's yes, routing by majority vote." (Hajek, 11-1-01)
"The earlier you start, the longer it takes." (Kline, 12-6-01)
491 Seminars in Computer Science
"If we fail, then we fail and it doesn't matter if we implement in Java or C" (Vivek, 9-24-01)

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