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Professor Quotes: Fall 1998

Professor Henschen - B05 Assembly
Everyday quotes:
"Bpppp!" (Henschen, Everyday)
"Literally" (Henschen, Everyday)
Unique quotes:
"How much did Professor Henschen lose in the stock market last month?" (Henschen, 9-25-98)
"Prostitute appeal to pope." (Henschen, 9-30-98)
"Teachers strike students idle." (Henschen, 9-30-98)
"Vitamin C." (Henschen, 9-30-98)
"You can't say Pascal, How to Program." (Henschen, 9-30-98)
"Send me $100, base 100." (Henschen, 9-30-98)
"Like Microsoft - you take it all, or get nothing." (Henschen, 9-30-98)
"LEECS" (Henschen, 10-23-98)
"That's clugy." (Henschen, 10-23-98)
"That's going to come back on CTECS." (Henschen on saying "WAKE UP!" to a student, 10-27-98)
Dialogue with Psychologist researching jokes (Dean)
"I am a psychologist researching jokes..." (Dean)
"Naturally he came to my class." (Henschen)
"Some of the jokes you won't find funny..." (Dean)
"You're used to that." (Henschen)
"Some fall under the category of THICK..." (Dean)
"You're REALLY used to that." (Henschen)
"QED means 'so there'" (Henschen)
"If you're that close to a border, I'll give you the higher grade anyways, because I'm such a pushover." (Henschen, 11-6-98)
"I'll push the data from Tuesday to Monday, oh...I guess I did the 2's complement wrong" (Henschen, 11-6-98)
"The last program is where you put everything together.  I REALLY want you to get that might not want to, but I do!" (Henschen, 11-6-98)
"If you're interested in this, take my C46 class.  The only problem is that the instructor uses the same jokes as B05" (Henschen, 11-6-98)
"How do 2 different devices talk to each other?  They're pretty damn clever!" (Henschen, 11-6-98)
"What is an interrupt?  What you do to me!" (Henschen, 11-6-98)
"Go look that one up in Fuck & Wagnalls" (Henschen, 11-6-98)
"Soon we will have windows 98, windows 2001, someday DOS won't be around anymore, then I'll retire" (Henschen, 11-10-98)
"We're doing what they call 'a pedagogical adjustment from the real world'" (Henschen, 11-13-98)
"I have to watch my damn language, those son of a bitches will get me." (Henschen, 11-16-98)
"Exclusive or - or's you get from needless mart or needless markup." (Henschen, 11-16-98)
"Not - is it an operation to flip all the bits?  It's not!" (Henschen, 11-16-98)
Professor Miksis - B05-4 EA4
"Questions?  Then that's it for today." (Miksis, Everyday)
"You have to determine the determinant." (Miksis, 10-13-98)
Professor Gordon - B01 Macroeconomics
"ECON professors make more than English professors, it's like skilled vs. unskilled." (Gordon, 10-19-98)
"We are slaves to defunct economists." (Gordon, 10-21-98)
Professor Hauck - B01 Digital Logic Design
Everyday Quotes:
“Kay.” (Hauck, Everyday)
“OKAY.” (Hauck, Everyday)
“Let’s just say OKAY!” (Hauck, Everyday)
“…and say OKAY.” (Hauck, Everyday)
“…this guy…” (Hauck, Everyday)
Unique Quotes:
"It's too hard for a human to comprehend." (Hauck, 10-23-98)
"Not equal is just NOT EQUAL" (Hauck, 10-27-98)
"Hmm...I've never given a pop-midterm before, maybe I should give one today." (Hauck, 11-6-98)
"If you give it a drive, it will happily say OKAY" (Hauck, 11-12-98)
"So you just sit around and say OKAY" (Hauck, 11-13-98)
"So what's the OKAY count for today?" (Hauck, 11-20-98)
"It stays the stame state."
"The processor just says AHA!" (Hauck, 11-24-98)
"This is really a TOY example." (Hauck, 12-1-98)
"It's like a B01 lab on steroids." (Hauck on Capstone courses C92, 12-2-98)
"Greek or Asian?" (Hauck on "Which lab TA?", 12-7-98)

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