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Professor Quotes: Fall 1999

Professor Choudary - ECE C61 Computer Architecture
"Professor dies while teaching" (Choudary after tripping over power cord of overhead, 9-23-99)
"Do you agree with that? You want to go home." (Choudary, 9-23-99)
"Start a company, write a webpage, go IPO in 6 months, then retire." (Choudary, 9-28-99)
"Cheaper than potato chips." (Choudary about 8086 chipss, 9-28-99)
"Let's just go have a beer, forget about the midterm. Every Tuesday and Thursday, let's just go out and have beers." (Choudary, 10-12-99)
"I was not going to talk all this." (Choudary, 10-14-99)
"So the expo'nent would be..." (Choudary, 10-14-99)
"Electronic engineers tought a little bit..." (Choudary, 10-14-99)
"They're select 3 students to go on a fighter plane for a joyride." (Choudary, 11-2-99)
"What happens when you stop listening to country music? You get your wife back, your house back..." (Choudary, 11-11-99)
"If I had it my way, there would be no homework, midterms, finals...Come in, listen to me, drink some beer...." (Choudary11-11-99)
"Making large memories be as fast as small memories, that's what half the engineers in industry do. The other half just surf the web." (Choudary, 11-16-99)
Professor Schopf - CS C43 Operating Systems
"Everyone nod, thank you!" (Schopf after explaining something no one understood, 9-30-99)
Professor Pappas - ECE C59 Digital Signal Processing
“Just look at an example in the book.” (Pappas, Everyday)
Professor Gu - AAL A11-1 Elementary Chinese
“Guoyuan chang guoge.” (Gu)

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