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Professor Quotes: Spring 2000

M. Honig
B. Dennis
Professor Simchi-Levi - IE C35 System Simulation
"Are you wis me?" (Simchi-Levi, everyday)
"Are you guys wis me?" (Simchi-Levi, everyday)
"Is the question clear?" (Simchi-Levi, everyday)
"You're saying gee, I don't know how to add or subtract." (Simchi-Levi, 5-23-00)
"Use common random random numbers, my God!  Common random numbers!." (Simchi-Levi, 5-25-00)
"How do we solve for n?" (Levi), "That's why you're teaching the class!" (Wayne Kim, 5-16-00)
Professor Honig / TA: Gowri - ECE C07 Communications
"Can I do part C?  Yes I certainly can!" (Gowri, 4-4-00)
"It's not like we're starting from the start of the world or anything." (Gowri, 4-11-00)
"The mess-age signal." (Gowri, everyday)
"The deriv-ative." (Gowri, everyday)
"Here's the Tech I mean Tech building." (Honig, 5-12-00)
Professor Dennis - CS C36 Computer Algorithms
"It's Big-O of O(n log n), oh big whoop that's the same as merge sort." (Dennis, 4-10-00)

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