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Professor Quotes: Winter 2000

N. Newman
Professor Newman - ECE B50 Physical Electronics
"Isn't that great?  I think it is." (Newman, 1-24-00)
"By the time you're done with B50, you'll all be scientists." (Newman, 1-19-00)
"Some electrons that are really fast, they're on the track team." (Newman, 1-24-00)
"Good!" (Newman, Everyday)
"Great!" (Newman, Everyday)
"The exponential is big, bigger than a breadbasket." (Newman)
"All that excitement over the weekend, just looking forward to B50 one more time.  Good!" (Newman)
"Wouldn't it be nice if the professor measured 1000 diodes and came back to show you guys, like showing family pictures?." (Newman)
"This is way beyond B50." (Newman)
"Let me show you...This is too much...But I love it...It's like seeing baby pictures." (Newman)
"Water dam.  That's a swear word, that's why I hesitate, but you can use it, that's what happens when you have kids." (Newman)
"The great thing about B50 is I teach you everything." (Newman)
"Isn't that great?  So many great things..." (Newman)
"Anyone not buy the notes yet?  Go bargain.  So if you don't do well on the test, you can't give me $7, that would be bribery.  Now for $7 million dollars...that's a great donation!" (Newman, 1-26-00)
"Lasers are this lecture, now you laugh, high intensity, <snickers> and not like this lecture, parallel." (Newman, 1-28-00)
"When you study, you get smarter, smarter, smarter, then the test comes and there's a breakdown.  Good." (Newman, 1-31-00)
"...And this is way beyond B50..." (Newman, everyday)
"Turns out..." (Newman, everyday)
"People say this is an easy class with very difficult material.  So I'm just here to try to confuse you." (Newman)
"Now if you think that's painful, it gets worse." (Newman, 2-8-00)
"You want to go 4 minutes early?  Too much excitement?  Don't want you guys to have a heart attack!." (Newman, 2-9-00)
"My little kid was crying yesterday.  His frog died, it just sorta dried out." (Newman, 2-11-00)
"Don't assume that just because I write it down, it's right.  I get paid no matter if I get it right or not." (Newman, 2-18-00)
"Isn't that neat?" (Newman, Everyday)
"You like that?" (Newman, Everyday)
"The class says, all this blasted transistor stuff, finally a circuit!" (Newman, 2-18-00)
"So we solved our first MOSFET problem.  It's like going golfing for the first time and getting a hole-in-one.  Good!  Or winning the stanley cup and not knowing how to skate, or the superbowl without playing football.  Sowee.  I've gotten used to people not laughing at my jokes, but me." (Newman, 2-22-00)
"What's the dielectric constant of SiO2?  I think it's about 4.  2000 points of extra credit for the first one who gets it.  Naw, just kidding." (Newman, 2-23-00)
"We find out that the book is just free-wheeling." (Newman, 3-1-00)
"Can it get worse?  It can get a lot worse.  Yeah.  CMOS." (Newman)
"How many volts does static generate?  50 or 10000?  10000.  I hate to tell you such shocking things." (Newman, 3-3-00)

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