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Professor Quotes: Winter 2001

Y. Ismail
S. Jacobs
Professor Ismail - ECE C91 VLSI Design
"I think what I'm saying is right." (Ismail, 1-15-01)
"If you don't understasnd this, you are screw big time." (Ismail, 1-22-01)
"If you put 1 and 0, you get crap out." (Ismail, 1-29-01)
"Oh look, I'm just giving you the answers. Well it's better than correcting disaster." (Ismail, 2-7-01)
"The undergrads hate this line, you should disperse yourselves." (Ismail pointing to grad students, 2-7-01)
"This is a sexy word: 10 Gigahertz. 1 Ghz: no longer a sexy word. But 10 Gigahertz, that's a sexy word." (Ismail, 2-28-01)
"We only need the speed of light in two areas: Space and IC." (Ismail, 2-28-01)
"I will be in 524." (Ismail) "Don't you mean 324?" "That's the effect of you on me!" (Ismail)
"We will move the final exam to next Wednesday." (Ismail) "Aww, that's my birthday!" (Alex) <Ismail pauses> "Happy birthday!"
"The CTECS will be on Monday, when you can take your revenge on me. Then on Wednesday I will take my revenge on you!" (Ismail on final exam)
"You guys don't have any more? Who's going to say good things?" (Ismail when he ran out of CTEC forms, 3-5-01)
Professor Jacobs - HIST C15-2 US History 1929-1972
"I have the martian mute flu." (Jacobs, 1-16-01)
"It's not SBX's fault. It's my fault. I am a wus. I can't say no to anything, so now we have 96 studenin the class. It's due to my lack of character." (Jacobs, 1-18-01
"I'm not an extremely vengeful grader. I don't dole out A's like breathmints either." (Jacobs, 1-23-01)
"Would you have told the truth? I certainly wouldn't have. I would have lied my face off!" (Jacobs on confessing to the Communist Party, 2-8-01)
"A few words about student evaluations. I'm sure during your undergraduate career there was at least one class you hated. Now that could be because the instructor didn't know what he/she was talkinga bout, or stopped caring a long time ago. Sometimes the department just keeps him/her as an ornament or needs him to bring in money. Let your voices be heard, if the teacher sucks." (Jacobs, 2-22-01)
"Seth was an okay TA, but he's such a dork. His adolescence must've been a carnival of wediges!" (Jacobs CTEC, 3-1-01)
"This TA should be hunted down, killed, unmercifully, the world will not be safe until he is exterminated, preferably after painful protracted torture." (Jacobs CTEC, 3-6-01)
"Who dresses you?" (CTEC for Jacobs)

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