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Professor Quotes: Winter 1999

P. Kumar
Bin Chen
Professor P. Kumar - ECE B42 Circuits II
"When you reach a pole, the circuit blows up" (Kumar, 1-11-99)
Professor Rich - ECON B02 Microeconomics
"I'm willing to trade a carton of movies for one more Dr. Pepper because I'm a Dr. Pepper lover." (Rich, 1-11-99)
"It depends!  You sound like economists already!  It depends!" (Rich, 2-22-99)
"I'm sure I've said this before, but it slipped under the radar screen." (Rich, 2-22-99)
Hey prof, look at your watch!
Time for a new topic?  No way!
Answer a few LD, LS questions?
Maybe even end class early for once?

(Rich's ending slide for a lecture)
Bin Chen, ECE B30 C++ TA
"Did Scheurmann grade all the tests?" (Karen asking about Midterm)
"No, Dr. Scheurmann graded all the tests!" (Bin Chen, 3-2-99)
Professor Sarrafzadeh - ECE C03 Advanced Digital Logic Design
"Hundreds, tousands, hundreds of tousands, millions of gates." (Majid)
"A program that costs a half a milllion bucks" (Majid on Mentor Graphics)
"Yaw." (Majid, Everyday)
"Someting." (Majid, Everyday)
"Let me bring a new slide so I don't confuse the heck out of you." (Majid)
"This is all messed up, so ve have to switch media." (Majid)
"We don't have to finish this, we just have to understand." (Majid)
"And I'm not exaggerating, well, maybe a little bit." (Majid on millions of gates)
"What you learn here, you should be able to apply at MOTOROLA." (Majid)
"INTEL, Motorola" (Majid, Everyday)
"That's the whole teeory behind switching teeory." (Majid)
"Real engineers have 30 hours, you have one." (Majid on C03 midterm)
"Estate Assignment" (Majid)
"Om..." (Majid, Everyday)
"What does that have to do with this?  Absolutely notting." (Majid on radom number generators and Las Vegas, 2-10-99)
"We can build a Pentium II.  It's going to take forever, but we can do it." (Majid, 2-23-99)
"Five minutes, maybe one minute, thirty seconds." (Majid on writing C code, 2-23-99)
"Let the kid wait for 10 minutes, who cares?" (Majid on design time of a chip, 2-25-99)
"Point number 1, point number2:" (Majid, Oftentimes)
"Bill Gates said, 'You will nver use anyting more than 2 mebabytes.'  Well, he's rich, so whatever." (Majid)
"It's very trivial." (Majid, Everyday)
"We use CAD tools." (Majid, Everyday)
"It doesn't get any more complicated than this.  Well, maybe I'm exaggerating, this is a tough problem." (Majid on image processors, 3-2-99)
"MIS, SIS, Espresso." (Majid, Everyday)
"You will have the book, but you don't have to memorize semicolons." (Majid on VHDL, 3-2-99)
"It will be one page not twenty.  It probably will be reasonable. (Majid on final exam, 3-4-99)
"In industry you will work on an image restoration chip for Motorola." (Majid, 3-4-99)
"You're sitting in front of you web waiting for a picture, it takes forever." (Majid, 3-4-99)
"Stupid is not a good word, how non-optimal people do tings in industry." (Majid, 3-4-99)
"You're ahead of the game, you're going to be a researcher." (Majid answering Dani's ingenious suggestion on image restoration, 3-4-99)
"It will take you one minute, hours, or days." (Majid on designing an image restoration design, 3-4-99)

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