Section 1

Jim, the computer maniac, was experimenting with his computer (as usual). He loved his computer so much that he spent most of his allowance on disks, software, and everything that has to do with his computer. He would've had $500 or $600 if he didn't spend all that money.

One day, there was something wrong with his computer, when he turned it on, the letters appeared: GET OUT OF HERE!

"Strange!" Jim said mysteriously. Then Jim typed WHY? so fast that he typed it in a tenth of a second. The words appeared again: IF NOT, I WILL NEVER LET YOU PLAY ME AGAIN! Jim went to talk with his mom.

"MOM!" Jim shouted, "there's something wrong with the computer! Come and see it!"

His mom didn't hear him, so he decided to see for himself. His mom was also staring at her computer, open mouthed, it also said: GET OUT OF HERE!

"MOM! There's something wrong with the disk, or computer! Same with yours too!"

His mom was so busy looking at her computer that she paid no attention. Jim went upstairs to talk with his dad. His dad was watching TV, and the TV also read: GET OUT OF HERE! Just then, the news came on somehow, the news was on channel 551.3. "This is channel 551.3 news," the news reporter began, "People all over the country is throwing away their computers and TV's just because of the GET OUT OF HERE that was appearing on their TV's and computers. Scientists believe that the mysterious message "GET OUT OF HERE" is coming from a mysterious computer in a cave somewhere in Nevada! Whoever finds the "Mysterious Computer and brings it back, he or she will be awarded 3 Macintosh II's with a color monitor and a 80 megabyte hard disk!

"Oh boy! Why don't we go check it out?!" Jim persuaded. It was summer break, and his dad didn't have to go to work for a month.


"NO NEED!" replied Jim, as he pressed a button on his computerized watch labeled "To Mysterious Cave in Nevada." In 3.267 seconds, all five of them (Jim's mom, dad, Rich, which is Jim's older brother, Jim himself, and Dave, which is Jim's younger brother.) were whizzing over land. They arrived at a totally mountainous area, and they were lost. Suddenly, the wind started to blow, and began to rain.

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